Corey French

Corey is passionate about life, meeting people, and mixing music. Being a people person, Corey has no trouble communicating to fulfill all your expectations. Corey will go the extra mile to ensure your party’s a success! Corey’s versatility with music for all age groups, from Top 10 hits to the Crooners of the 50’s, DJ Corey will be sure to transform any party into a night of GoodTimes!

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  • Chris & Jenn’s Wedding

    Just want to give a thanks to A GoodTime DJ's for giving us a great DJ Corey did great, he set everything up well and also on point with time scheduling, he'd did great with the mix up of music we had a blast!



    Chris & Jenn Leclerc

    Thanks Chris and Jenn Leclerc

  • Marilyn Mulchahey

    Corey was the best DJ we ever had, He was a very friendly man. He got on to the dance floor with the guests and he enjoyed himself as well. We will definitely hire him again and again for every party. What a great guy and very friendly too. We all enjoyed having him entertain our granddaughters Jack and Jill. Allison and Sean said he was a great DJ too. Thanks for the great service. Look forward to seeing him again.

    Marilyn Mulchahey

  • Wayne (Public Event)

    The event was great, thank you! Corey did a great job!

    Thank you so much,


  • Erin (School Event)

    Hi Corey!
        ​Just wanted to give you a huge thank you for coming to our Stress Relief Event! The students loved you and the campus activity board thanks you for being so flexible. Definitely recommending you for future events! Happy Holidays - Erin