Paul Madden

After years of spinning in popular college pubs like the Kinvira and the Kells in Boston, it’s only natural for this easy to be liked Disc Jockey to be requested for private events. Doing a great job at a Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah is important. But providing service is just as important for his client. He wants his customers to feel they bought something, and does not want them to feel that they were sold something. Paul never wants to treat a customer as a number. That’s what good service is all about!

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  • Gail & John’s Wedding Day 5-6-17

    Hi to all at AGTDJ
    My wedding was absolutely perfect!
    I cant believe how many people have commented on how fun it was!
    Of course that couldn't have happened with out the help of Paul (who was an absolute riot). My guests thought he was a great DJ.
    The photo booth was a huge success and Marcos did a great job with it. My grand kids probably took 600 of the pictures.
    The uplighting really added to the old church hall. Everything was just beautiful!
    You guys are amazing!
    Gail & John

  • Maggie & Aaron’s Wedding Day 8-20-16

    Hi Amanda,
    Everything went great!! We're very happy with the services provided by DJ Paul Madden and with the slide show.  Truly excellent work!
    Thanks so much!
    -Maggie & Aaron
  • Mr & Mrs Duggan Wedding 4-22-16

    Hi Amanda,

    I wanted to let you know how awesome Paul was! just incredible no words can describe he made the night so wonderful for my daughter. The dance floor was packed the entire night from beginning to end! So happy!

  • Matthew Holiday Event 12-23-15

    Hi Amanda,

    We had a really great time!  They were super helpful with the raffle, set up and break down!  There was fantastic energy and a really cool vibe!

    Thank you for having a really fun and professional staff!


  • Don Holiday Party 12-6-15

    Hi Amanda,

    We ALWAYS have the best time at our Christmas party, BECAUSE of DJ Paul Madden. He is absolutely the best, and my family always looks forward to Paul leading the fun!  We already know that we would like to book Paul for next year's Christmas Party,  but we haven't established a date yet. I'll contact you when I have that information.


  • Katie Holiday Party 12-4-15

    Good Morning Amanda-

    Paul Madden was great!  Music was perfect for our team and they had a great time.  Will keep you posted on our next event.  Thank you and Happy Holidays!


  • Eli’s Bar Mitzvah

    Really, the night was fantastic.  I got so much positive feedback for both features.  But extra kudos goes to DJ Paul Madden -- he took a group of 40+ kids of a diverse set of ages and many that had no real friends there, and almost all the parents told me that their kids had a blast.  He has so much energy and he produced so much fun for the kids and adults alike.

    Thanks so much!
  • Jodi Valpey

    We were absolutely thrilled with DJ Paul Madden! He did an outstanding job keeping the numerous kids entertained and having a blast. His advice of how to schedule the various activities of the night (dinner, candle lighting, dessert, etc) was spot on and gave the event the perfect flow. We will certainly call A Good Time DJs in the future when the need arises.
    With sincere appreciation,
    Jodi Valpey

  • Lynn

    Hi Paul,

    I hope all is well and that you all had a great weekend. Sure was pretty today…

    Just a quick story:

    We went to my cousin’s daughters bat mitzvah last weekend in northern NJ. They had a DJ team- I mean a team- one DJ, four dancers, the whole she-bang.

    At different points in the evening, about 6 members of our family (kids and adults) came up to me to tell me how much better “DJ Paul Madden” was… “he had a much better way with the kids,” said one. My aunt said, “DJ Paul Madden was the best!” (and she’s been to about a bazillion mitzvahs…) anyway, you have a lot of fans in our family… thanks for making our kids parties so great.



  • Shannon (Company / Public Holiday Event)

    Everything was fabulous!  Paul, Ed and Mark ( Photo booth attendant) were great, as usual.  You’re services are top notch and we love having you here for our Whole Night event.  It just wouldn’t be the same without that sparkly jacket!

    This year, our customers were really looking forward to the photo booth and we had a line for karaoke for most of the night.  The fun, party atmosphere your team creates really helps keep the crowds in a cheerful mood amidst the chaos.  I know our team members appreciate all Paul’s kind words about how hard everyone is working and reminding customers to say a “thank you.”

    Thank you for the spectacular service and we look forward to working with you again next year!

    Happy New Year to everyone at Good Times!


  • Don M. (Holiday Party)

    Thanks for checking. Excellent! A+ ! Paul is always such a pleasure to have as the DJ. My family always comment on the enjoyment he provides. We already know that we would like Paul for our next year's Christmas party, but unfortunately, I don't have the date yet, so I'll have to try and make arrangements at a later time.